Steve's Round 65

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Steve's Round 65

Post by ChefKnivesToGo »

CKTG Quick Look Videos Info Round 65


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Kohetsu Blue #2 Nashiji Honesuki 150mm Quick Look

DaoVua Leaf Spring Kiri Cleaver 180mm

Harukaze VG1 Gyuto 210mm

Harukaze VG1 Gyuto 240mm

Kajiwara Blue #1 Santoku 165mm

Kamo VG-10 Suminagashi Petty 150mm Hybrid Handle

Kanjo 1K6 Stainless Kiritsuke 180mm

Kanjo 1K6 Stainless Kiritsuke 210mm

Kanjo VG-10 Black Damascus Bunka 180mm

Kanjo VG-10 Black Damascus Santoku 180mm

Kobayashi SG2 Damascus Gyuto 210mm

Kohetsu Shinano Blue #2 Honesuki 150mm Quick Look

Makoto Ryusei AS Santoku 170mm

Shibata Kashima R-2 Gyuto 210mm

Shiro Kamo R2 Damascus Santoku 170mm

Takayuki Inox Wa Mukimono 180mm

Takayuki VG-10 Hammered Damascus Wa Santoku 170mm

Tojiro VG-10 Hammered Santoku 170mm

Yahiko Sanjo W#2 Nashiji Nakiri 165mm

Yahiko Sanjo W#2 Nashiji Santoku 165mm

Yoshimi Kato SG2 Santoku 165mm
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Re: Steve's Round 65

Post by bruin »

Lots of good ones in this group... picked up that Kohetsu B2 nashiji honesuki during the Black Friday sale and I’ve been loving it both for poultry and as a utility knife. Great bang for your buck knife even not on sale.

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Re: Steve's Round 65

Post by KetchupKing »

wonder why the yahiko ice isnt being made anymore etc, was still to this day one of the best cutters for white steel ive had in my hands.

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Re: Steve's Round 65

Post by Jeff B »

Nice to see that Steve is still pumping out videos.
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