Steve’s Round 68

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Steve’s Round 68

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CKTG Quick Look Videos Info Round 68. I’ll have Lacy post these on the item pages tonight.


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Harukaze AS Morado Kiritsuke 210mm

Harukaze AS Morado Santoku 170mm

Harukze G3 Nashiji Gyuto 210mm

Harukze G3 Nashiji Kiritsuke 210mm

Itto-Ryu Hammered White #2 Petty 105mm

Itto-Ryu White #2 Gyuto 240mm

Itto-Ryu White #2 Petty 120mm

Kamo VG-10 Suminagashi Bunka 165mm

Kanehide PS60 Petty 120mm

Kanehide PS60 Sujihiki 240mm

Kohetsu HAP40 Wa Nakiri 165mm

Masamoto KS Gyuto 240mm

Shiro Kamo White #2 Santoku 170mm

Tadokoro White #2 Deba 180mm

Takamura VG-10 Nashiji Gyuto 180mm

Tojiro VG-1 Wa Nakiri 165mm

Tojiro VG-1 Wa Santoku 170mm

Tsubaki Blue #2 Kori Bunka 210mm

Tsubaki Blue #2 Nakiri 150mm

Yahiko Sanjo White #2 Nashiji Petty 150mm
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