WTS: Shun SG2 Santoku & King 300, 800, 6000

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WTS: Shun SG2 Santoku & King 300, 800, 6000

Post by PappaG » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:38 pm

Package Deal: All of the following for $207 shipped.
The knife is brand new. SG2 great steel for a shun. Also Great fit and finish for a Shun, plus 3 kings. I'd really like to sell as a package to save on shipping costs. PM if interested. More pics available.

Shun Fuji Shun 5' Sankuto SG2 Steel: Brand new https://imgur.com/a/weWehpP
Stones: https://imgur.com/a/dDuBR2c
King 300 (used moderately)
King 800 (used the most/heavily, has a chip on one side, still in great shape)
King 6000 (Used the least, comes with original box, However has minor chips along as this was one of my first stones)

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