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Customer service

Post by nevrknow » Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:46 pm

Once again, the service Ken provides is above and beyond reproach. Kudos to you Sir. I think you and Mark have set the bar too high for almost anyone else to compete with. Not only with the knowledge and willing to share but also with personal availability. There doesn't seem to be many places where you get a phone number and then actually speak to who you are doing business with.

Customer for life here for both of you.


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Re: Customer service

Post by Kit Craft » Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:26 pm

Or BS about cars, drinks, or anything else. I had a lengthy post about this previously, needless to say I too am happy with not only the service that Ken provides but the level of interest he takes in those who buy products from him. Honestly, 10 minutes turns to hours before you know it and you feel like old friends. I think I called Ken three times for 2-3 hour conversations each time before deciding on my first order. That does not count multiple PM's and facebook chats. Hell, we even chatted when I was living in Spain via skype calls and an 8 hour time difference. In that case he called me and at what would have been most convenient for me and least for him.

I too enjoy chatting with Ken and making orders as well as recommending others to do so as well. He goes out of his way, always.

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