Nubatama Waterstones for EP, KME, FAKE stone alert!

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Nubatama Waterstones for EP, KME, FAKE stone alert!

Post by ken123 » Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:05 am

Nubatama Waterstones for KME, etc FAKE stone alert!

Here's a photo of some of the Nubatama stones along with some Suehiro stones , a nanocloth strop and some 0.05 micron polycrystalline diamond. These are available directly from me for the KME system (shown in the picture) as well as for EdgePro and Wicked Edge and have been available for some time. Note in particular the stamps on the Nubatama stones. If you see some unscrupulous vendors, (who you might already have guessed based on previous behavior, specifically JENDE INDUSTRIES), calling their stones Nubatamas, either custom sized or full sized, these stones are either fakes or some sort of gray market stones, possibly even used stones. They are not the real deal and not authorized by Nubatama! Don't be fooled! If they don't have authentic stamps, again, they are not the real deal. Please don't encourage this shameful business practice of getting knockoff products! There are approximately 50 different Nubatama stones, all available in full size stones or cut to fit KME, Edge Pro, Wicked Edge, etc These products will receive NO SUPPORT from Nubatama, anymore than a fake Gucci purse would get from Gucci for example.

At this time, Nubatama waterstones are ONLY available directly from me, Kenneth Schwartz. If the vendor doesn't carry the FULL line of Nubatamas, all with proper stamps, you can be assured that the vendor is of questionable reputation. I am the exclusive distributor of both Nubatama's waterstones AND knives , retail AND wholesale outside of Japan, so I know who has received Nubatama stones.

It really is a shame to even have to put this post out there, but to protect both my reputation and Nubatama's reputation, I felt this was a necessary post. You wouldn't buy fake Shaptons, or Naniwas, so why would you get fake Nubatamas? If you don't support ripoff artists, they will hopefully go away and maybe even come up with their own products based on THEIR hard work, not the work of other honest craftsman, artists and inventors. This form of plagiarism is truly despicable!

Here are my Nubatama stones, with proper stamps. If it doesn't have the stamps, it isn't a Nubatama!

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Re: Nubatama Waterstones for EP, KME, FAKE stone alert!

Post by Cutuu » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:18 am

Thanks for the heads up Ken

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Re: Nubatama Waterstones for EP, KME, FAKE stone alert!

Post by lsboogy » Sat Jul 14, 2018 11:42 pm

My new stone has no stamps - but I got it from Ken

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