Thank you, again.

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Thank you, again.

Post by Kit Craft » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:43 pm

I once made a post on the old forum that I did not carry over here about dealing with Ken. I figured there was no need because it was a given that Ken and I would not only do business again but chat many more times, well that has been true all along.

To the point, thank you Ken, as always dealing with you has been a pleasurable experience. Not just the idea of making a purchase but on a personal level I rather enjoy our conversations and wish we lived closer so that we could chat and play knives/stones in person.

To anyone who is thinking about giving Ken a call, please do. Not only will he take the time to explain anything he can to you, he will simply chat with you about anything you want. Seriously, set some time aside because things can get long. We just chatted for about three hours over the past two days about stones among other things. Getting down to the business end of things, Ken will do what he can to accommodate your specific needs. As I have said before, you are not a number. This time around I was on a tight budget so Ken went through his stones hand picking one that might be better suited not only to my budget but my needs specifically.

In fact, the great thing is that you can give him a call even if you have no intentions of buying a stone. Ken will chat with you about sharpening, stones, knives, cooking or whatever you want without attempting to sell you something. If you decide you wish to buy a stone or show an interest in something specific then he will make a suggestion. Honestly, in none of my conversations with Ken have I ever felt obligated to buy anything. I normally do but I sometimes call just to shoot the shit as well.

Anyway, we know I can talk or write up a storm but I'll sum things up. I am looking forward to getting my Monzen, getting to know it and sharing my thoughts with you and everyone else. :) Thank you again for taking the time to help me pick out that specific stone that suites my needs and simply for taking the time to shoot the breeze.

If you are interested in reading further into this I will leave a link to the post I made last time around. ... 13798.html

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