Jende Industries Business relationship ended - update

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Jende Industries Business relationship ended - update

Post by ken123 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:28 pm

So here is a repost from the old forum:

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04 Aug 2016, 19:38 #1
After many years working with Jende Industries, I have ended our business relationship. Without going into too much details, the lack of product support of my products and some of their business practices have left me little choice. Even at this time, they have, despite repeated requests that have been ignored, left links using my name and reputation on their web site up to the present time. These links point to their recently introduced knock off products. Hopefully they will eventually respond and cease doing this despicable practice and we can go our separate ways.

As of 9/15/16, the link on the Jende site remains and this despicable practice of riding on my reputation continues....

Update - As of TODAY, 9/28/17, this link remains.
I have been told that they have spent $3k for search engine optimization for the express purpose of redirecting traffic to their product and don't want to waste the money by taking it down! IF they take it down which would be doubtful, the idea of asking anyone to be patient while they redirect searches to their product based on my reputation is one of the more despicable business practices I've seen up to now. But it gets EVEN worse and I'm going to post this in a separate posting.

At this time, you can purchase my products directly from me instead. I also have a few of my products available at Chefknivestogo in Ken's Corner. Any of my products purchased from Jende or anywhere else will continue to receive the highest level of support directly from me. This includes repeat orders, new orders and just discussions regarding honing and sharpening techniques - not requiring purchases. Sharpening is my passion, one that I love to share with my customers and friends. I can be contacted here on Facebook ( ), email ( [email protected] ), phone 209 612 2790 or on Skype as k_schwartz. I can also be contacted over at Chefknivestogo's forum, where I am an active participant. I ship internationally.

For those unfamiliar with the breadth of my products, this includes compounds utilizing CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride), Polycrystalline Diamond, Monocrystalline Diamond, and Boron Carbide abrasives. These are the highest quality available, optimized for sharpening and honing applications and available in the widest range of grits, in sprays, emulsions, and paste formulations I also carry 'diamond bars' containing high levels of diamond abrasive, suitable for use with buffers. Grits range from 300 microns down to 0.005 microns (3.2 million grit), giving you the widest and most precise selection available. Additionally I also carry Atoma Diamond lapping plates available in full size as well as for the EdgePro and other systems.

These compounds can be used on a variety of strops, including Kangaroo leather, Nanocloth and various other surfaces including linen, balsa, paper, etc depending on the grit and application. My compounds can also be safely used on waterstones, unlike many other brands. Nanocloth is the finest product suitable for use with both the finer and coarser compounds, representing years of research into producing the best possible edges. Especially for the finest grits, other strop materials will produce inferior edges.

I also carry waterstones. These include Japanese Natural stones, sourced directly from Tanaka Toishi of Kyoto. I also am the distributor for Nubatama synthetic waterstones, comprised of almost 50 different waterstones, Shapton waterstones, and select stones from Naniwa, Sueihiro, etc. These stones can be selected and optimized for knife sharpeners, straight razor honers, woodworkers and sword polishers.

I will be introducing a more extensive line of Nubatama kitchen knives, select kamisori and various other sharpening accessories.

Additionally I have products available for the Edge Pro, KME and Wicked Edge sharpening machines. This includes all of the above mentioned stones and strops and the full spectrum of compounds.


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