Tajima to go.

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Tajima to go.

Post by ken123 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 8:23 pm

I have been having a hard time getting Tajima stones. Personally I'm down to my last one :(

BUT I did get some smaller Tajima stones. I have some 1.5" wide edgepro blanks that turn out to be a perfect fit for these stones. I cut the length to 6" and have a tomonagura left over!

The stones are cut to a coarse finish. I flatten the stone before mounting it to the Aluminum blank, leaving the top surface rough with the appropriate stamping maintained. These are flattened relatively easily to a fine finish with an Atoma 140 plate. I flattened the tomonagura so you can see the difference in finish.

I'll also post a video of a full sized Tajima for comparison. I do have some more of these if you are interested.

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