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Post by HHH Knives » Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:23 pm

Many of ya may already know the back story of these pieces. For those who dont. Let me explain a little about these handmade pieces..

My lovley wife Lisa has a small studio set up and she makes Jewelry and other things.. Which I have always called "Bling Things" She uses pieces that come from my shop. and or that she finds or makes along the way. Almost all of here pieces are made using sterling silver. and often times she incorporates leather cord into her work. Each piece is unique. and she makes everything from cuff links to brackets. Belt buckles to rings and pendents. In my opinion, some of her mammoth tooth pieces are exceptional.

Every year she puts together a group of Christmas sale items for me to share. There are a few more I cant seem to get pictures to load. a set of fossil walrus earrings. and a couple of sets of stag and silver cuff links. etc..

This year I have a few to offer . Prices start at 50.00 and go up from there. Please message me if you see anything you would like a price on or have questions about..

In closing these always seem to be well received and loved. Many of her clients come back again and again keeping her pretty busy with custom orders most of the year.

Thanks and God Bless
Randy, HHH Knives
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