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Re: Trying to sharpen a 50 year old Buck hunting knife...

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:08 pm
by lsboogy
We had folk over for dinner tonight - one had an old 110 and he asked me to show him how to dp sharpen it. He had been using his draw through carbide sharpening system (think it's a Wusthof) and he is always asking me about my pocket knife, so I told him to bring his hunting knife over. After we did the dishes and the SO's went out in the backpack yard with some wine, I soaked a Nubatama 220 (the more is use it the more I like it - thanks Ken) and 1200 and 4K stones

The knife was really messed up, looking at it from the handle it looked like a thick peice of steel with a very small concave edge. No wonder he had trouble with the thing on birds last fall. I took about 15 minutes on the 220 to get it back in order (would have been an hour with a 1K stone) and then finished it with the other stones and a quick session on a felt strop loaded with 1 micron Chromium Oxide (standard green razor paste) - thing is good to go - I would hunt with the thing now. The old bucks had pretty darn good steel - even doing a diaphragm is easy with them. These are still darn (damn) good knives for outdoor use - profile of the things and their use by guides where lots of big game is taken is a testament to them - and a good 3-4K edge is a great place to take them for field dressing. - biggest problem with them is too many folk have "sharpened" them and put on very steep angle in the edge trying to get them sharp. Still what I want when you have a pickup bed piled high with deer carcasses that need dressing