How much of a jump is it going from a DE to a straight?

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How much of a jump is it going from a DE to a straight?

Post by dantee » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:29 am

Hi guys!

I know this topic was likely covered in some great detail over at the old forums. But I never previously joined in those discussions so thought maybe I'd ask this over here.

I only started using a DE razor (custom handle with a muhle straight bar R89 head. Currently using either kai or merkur blades) recently, like half a year or so back. Only getting better / good at it now and don't get any red /abrasions anymore. Hardly nick myself but used to get abrasions and my skin red and bit sore. Think might have used too much pressure or not made a good enough lather.

Well have a good buddy who quite a while before me also got into DE razors and he is quite the shaving nut now. Owning quite a few nice muhle DE razors with nice handles. Haha

He was recently very much contemplating moving into straight razors. He thought that a natural progression of sorts. :p

I'm not yet thinking of that, as it looks like mighty more work, with a lot more proper prep needed, and I don't want to kill myself and cut myself open.

But wondering anyway, especially since there are so many shaving pros and veterans here... How much of a jump is it going from a DE razor to a straight? And if done well, is the shave you get from a straight really that much closer and smooth as compared to a DE?
The technique to use a straight well looks quite different from a DE.
And if one has decent technique and grasp of a DE, and is really careful, would one still be very likely to cut and nick oneself when first moving to a straight?

Sorry for the super newbie questions but would be great to get some insights!:)

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Re: How much of a jump is it going from a DE to a straight?

Post by Georgek » Sat Feb 18, 2017 7:06 pm

I jumped from a gillette mach 3 to straight razors and it took almost 20 shaves to learn how to comfortably shave. A few tiny nicks at the first couple of shaves but everytime was better than the previous.
Get a good soap and make a good lather with it.... straight razors will give you a closer and smoother shave but it will take some time to get there... :)

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Re: How much of a jump is it going from a DE to a straight?

Post by DarkStar » Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:48 am

DE Experience helps. But if your still cutting yourself with the DE... Expect worse with the straight :). Wet shaving experience is also good. Working the grain and nice face prep are all important.

Advice i was given and ignored but shouldn't have:

First few shaves just do easy flat areas. Like your cheeks. Stay away from the chin and under the nose.

Go SLow. Very little pressure.

Im not getting as good a shave with the straight as i do with my DE yet. I also have to go much slower for fear of blood bath. WIth the DE i can basically shave without a mirror and have no fear of cuts.

Still cant figure out the best way to do the left side of my face. Crossing over with the right hand is weird. PUtting a razor to my face with the left hand is nerve racking.

Getting better every time.

Final piece of advice. Do a full shave with the DE; then start the next day with the straight. Dont have a weeks worth of growth on your first go (I tried this and it was a bad idea)

All my cuts were avoidable if i had listened to the advice above :)

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Re: How much of a jump is it going from a DE to a straight?

Post by Kalaeb » Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:05 am

Hard to say. It is definitely a jump. There are many more facets to straight razor shaving than with a DE than just the shave (stropping, sharpening etc). Numerically- 63 percent more difficult than going from a disposable to DE :)

I don't think, at least for me, the shave is any closer with a straight. I only go one direction, however, I nick myself much less with a straight and can get the hard to reach places with less effort.

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Re: How much of a jump is it going from a DE to a straight?

Post by noobknife » Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:23 pm

When I first learned I took a long time on the shave and didn't cut myself. But after doing it awhile I got either over confident or was in a hurry and ended up getting a couple cuts.

Be careful especially under the nose, because if you get a small cut there, the tiny line from the cut doesn't go away.

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