Family knife that just came off BBW's

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Family knife that just came off BBW's

Post by Bullman » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:18 pm

This knife has been used by my mother for about 2 years now and she loves and I love the way a knife comes off a BBW. Belgian Blue Whetstone. It had virtually no edge on it when I started since last time I sharpened it using the same stone it required 2 hospital trips in different occasions one to stop the bleeding since she's on blood thinners a mix of them and the next to repair the tendon she cut down to. The BBW really is a great stone as long as you understand you working with garner which swarfs up in hemispheric balls that make the edge very sharp and very toothy. You can feel the food as it glides through with the knife. Any knife over say 60 Rockwell it does now work well on but than there is the German Escher stone which the one I have is close to or over 12k. You just don't mix the two stones since ones quartz and ones garner. Enjoy. You can see by the finish how often this knife gets used which is daily. Enjoy

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Re: Family knife that just came off BBW's

Post by wphill » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:04 am

For stropping, I like the idea of using a hard stone...dry. Been using my BBW....a generous size lends to greater ease of application. Thoughts?

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