New add on for EP—Slide Guide

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Re: New add on for EP—Slide Guide

Post by Delphonic » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:00 pm

Anybody tried one of these yet?

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Re: New add on for EP—Slide Guide

Post by Otaku19 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:25 pm

I've used the 3 point guide on the Hapstone V6 and always wished it was made with tighter tolerances. I remember Cody saying that he had this prototyped quite a few months back. In my opinion, it is the ultimate addition to an Edge Pro because you will have much less hand fatigue when sharpening with the slide guide. The only problem that I see, just like with the 3 point guide on the Hapstone, is that when you sharpen a Spyderco, the spine above the heel will contact the inside point on the slide guide and could move the slide guide giving you a different position on the blade table. I've had the idea to use a plastic backer to prevent this from happening. I haven't procured any plastic for this idea yet

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Re: New add on for EP—Slide Guide

Post by Radar53 » Sun Sep 15, 2019 6:23 pm

An interesting one this.

I like to get the edge of my knife to "hang over" the edge of the EP sharpening platform by about 0 - 2mm and keep that as a consistent metric while sharpening a complete blade. It keeps the sharpening angle more precise along the full length of the edge. Yes I know that's totally OCD!!

So six or seven years ago, I ordered about half a dozen standard guide plates with a view changing the profile of the leading edge into a few different curved edges as opposed to straight edge to try & help that process. I tried circular, elliptical and parabolic leading edge profiles, but ultimately I didn't find modifying the guide plates very helpful.

I make a lot of small "on the go" adjustments & move the knife blade around lots when sharpening, so I don't find things like the magnet or modified guide plates etc very helpful. Also on blades with well rounded spines I find a tendency for the spine to slip up over the edge of the guide plate, so I use the plastic guide clips, which wouldn't work with the slide guide.

If you get one, I'll be interested to know what your thoughts on it are.
Cheers Grant

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