Toothy Edge

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Toothy Edge

Post by Drafter » Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:29 pm

I currently use the cktg 140 400 diamond then I use the ep 400 then 1000 I have used the polish tapes 2000 and 3000 looks cool push cuts paper well. I want a toothier edge though so I have been stopping at the 1000 and then using a leather strop with green compound seams good wondering if using a 3 micron diamond paste would work better. Also I have stopped at the 400 and then stropped but I think I may have polished the teeth off using the strop to much. Any one have any suggestions I use most of my knives for deer processing and sharpen some friends knives for hunting

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Re: Toothy Edge

Post by Radar53 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:42 pm

Hi Drafter. There are quite a lot of grit standards about, so all grit sizes are not created equal. Check out the Grand Unified Grit Chart here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=196

The EP 1000 stone is about 3k- 4k for Shapton, Chosera, Nubatama. Also the green, red & other commercially available compounds can have a much broader spectrum of grits within their formulation, so it can be a bit hit & miss as to what you actually have in terms of grit sizes.

You have some options in terms of getting a toothier edge.
1) Stop at a coarser grit
2) Use stones that leave a toothier edge by design eg my Nubatama 5k, leaves a toothier edge than another 5k stone that I have
3) Some members on this forum actually stop at a coarse or medium grit and then add a couple of "stropping" strokes on a much finer stone (say 5 or 6 k), just enough to dress the ragged finish but still leave plenty of tooth.

Cheers Grant

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