Shapton Inclusions

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Shapton Inclusions

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Howdy, I'm new here...

Just got into straight razors. Bought a set of Used Shapton stones, 1, 4, 8, 16, 30K.
They work great. The 16 & 30 seeme to have some pretty chunky inclusions I guess one would call them. I just finished sharping a Gotta, NOS, Hamburg Ring. I'm assuming that would be a singing blade as it is pretty loud. I hit the "inclusions on the 16K and it seems like there is a little grit on the stone. The 30 K is like and audible and physical bump at both ends of the stone. I captured a photo of one that looks distubing under magnification with a $10 Carson 120K scope bought here. Anyone know anything of these problems? I can see I'm going to work down to more of them.
Thank you,

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