Second Harvest March 1st Choice

We're interested in doing a monthly donation to charities and we want to spread it around and help good organizations that interest you. If you post your favorite charity in this Forum we'll consider giving to it.
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Second Harvest March 1st Choice

Post by ChefKnivesToGo »

Sorry this forum isn't working yet for comments but for some reason, I can post. I'll have Steve fix it shortly.

So, this is a charity group that does good work. They're part of Feed America and we've been giving to them for over a decade. I'll sell a knife with 100% of the proceeds going to them at the beginning of March.

Dear Mark,

Did you know that one in 11 people in Minnesota and western Wisconsin won’t have enough to eat today, or tomorrow?

It’s a shocking statistic. But together, we can change it. Our Annual Fund Campaign is here, and we need your help now to meet our goal of distributing 90 million meals over the next year to local people in need.

Every $1 can provide enough wholesome food for 3 meals through our nearly 1,000 food shelves, pantries and other partner programs!

Thank you for helping us ensure that struggling people close to home—like children, seniors, families and veterans—have enough to eat today. And tomorrow.

Together we can end local hunger, but only with your help.

Thank you for giving now!

In gratitude,
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Re: Second Harvest March 1st Choice

Post by lsboogy »

Mark - can't thank you enough for this. Maybe I could talk Jen into an Anryu B#2 blade - I work mostly with Family Place and Keystone - both in St P - but second harvest is nationwide. When we get Wesleyan going again we will contact you - Wesleyan fed hundreds a day - one of the larger kitchens in the area - we are trying to get our license back right now - balcony in a 150 year old church was structurally deficient but It seems like we are almost back and will have a great kitchen when we get all the state approvals done.

Put something I want (that will be sported by Jen) up,for high bid.
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